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An amphora is a tank with a characteristic pointed shape, known since the Neolithic. It was used for transport and storage of various types of liquid, mostly wine.

The tank - stainless steel amphora, with its shape, takes you back to the old days, but at the same time modern technology and production material provide good conditions for maceration, fermentation, and maturation according to the system of ecological or biodynamic wine processing as well as for its storage.

With its shape without sharp edges, allows the wine to circulate and that is constantly in motion.

We produce amphora in two designs, as free-standing tank with the possibility of installing additional equipment or as tank for burrying into the ground for better temperature insulation of the wine.

The material from which the stainless steel amphora is made is high quality certified stainless steel, which meets high hygienic standards for food storage.



Free-standing tank equipment: 

  •  top door Ø 400mm / Ø 500mm / Ø 600mm
  •  inlet DN50 with plastic bung
  •  clean outlet with a ball valve
  •  total outlet with a ball valve
  •  trial tap
  •  legs closed
  •  name plate


    Buried tank equipment:

    •  top door   Ø 400mm / Ø 500mm / Ø 600mm



    • AISI 304 (BA) - W.Nr. 1.4301 (3D)
    • exterior brushed, interior polished (3D)

      Additional free-standing tank equipment: 

      •  oval door on the front
      •  thermometer digital/analog
      •  cooling plate


      Material (option):

      • AISI 316 (BA) - W.Nr. 1.4404 (3D)




      Artikel Volumen (L) ø (mm) H (mm)
      A700 700 1030 1950
      A1000 1000 1140 2020
      A1250 1250 1220 2135
      A1500 1500 1310 2260

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