Inox egg tank EGGINOX

Circular shaped wine storage tanks have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years ago. They realized that with the help of these tanks and nature itself, they could achieve good conditions for production of quality wine.

With the desire to evoke the once established methods of wine production and with the help of modern technology and materials, we, in the company KREMET, made an egg-shaped stainless steel tank. It provides the user with optimal conditions for fermentation, maturation and storage of wine.

The tank does not have edges and, due to its shape and the laws of nature, allows the fluid to move inside the tank.

It is made of high-quality certified stainless steel, which is nowadays the most suitable material for storing food, as it meets high hygiene and food standards. All internal joints are mechanically processed to a high gloss finish.

Inox egg is suitable for wine as well as cider or juice. 


Basic equipment:

  • top door Ø 400mm (up to 1000 L) / Ø 500mm
  • inlet DN50 with plastic bung
  • oval door on the front ( from 1500 L ahead )
  • clean outlet with a ball valve
  • total outlet with a ball valve
  • trial tap
  • legs closed
  • name plate


  • AISI 304  (BA) - W.Nr. 1.4301 (3D)
  • exterior brushed, interior polished (3D)

Additional equipment:

  • thermometer digital/analog
  • cooling plate


AISI 316 (BA) - W.Nr. 1.4404 (3D)


Article Volume(L) ø (mm) H (mm)
J500 500 930 1600
J1000 1000 1160 1950
J1500 1500 1330 2050
J2000 2000 1470 2310
J2500 2500 1570 2540


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