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Mash tanks are made in open and closed form. They are intended for wine fermentation and its storage. Due to a special plinth, the tank is easily transported with a forklift or pallet truck. The highly polished interior of the tank prevents the formation of wine stone, making it easier to clean the tank.

Open mash tank is basically a tank with a movable swimming cover, which enables the change of the capacity of the content. The tank can be upgraded with a detachable submersible agitator. The submersible agitator can be easily mounted on top of the tank using a forklift, where the agitator flaps mix the mash by being submersed. The submersion is controlled via the switch box positioned on the tank top.

Closed mash tanks are especially useful for mixing, transporting and storage of liquids.

Posoda za drozgo
Odprti tip
Posoda za drozgo
Odprti tip

Basic equipment:

  • rectangular door (mash) with a bolt    
  • top door 400 mm with pouring inlet (closed type tank)
  • outlet with a ball valve
  • total outlet with a ball valve    
  • trial tap
  • cooling coat
  • swimming cover with a tube, pump, plastic bung  (open type tank)
  • legs closed
  • gallows (open type tank)
  • flat inclined bottom
  • name-plate


  • AISI 304 (BA) - W.Nr. 1.4301 (3D)
  • exterior  marbled, interior polished (3d)

Additional equipment:

  • top door 500 mm (closed type tank)
  • thermometer connection
  • base
  • removable submersible agitator (open type tank)
  • inner sieve
  • digital thermometer
  • transport wheels
  • transport sledge
  • level indicator
  • lifting jack for swimming cover (open type tank)


  • AISI 316 (BA) - W.Nr. 1.4404 (3D)
Article    Volume (L) Ø (mm) H1 (mm) H (mm)
DZ10-1000 1.000 1150 1000 1510
DZ12-1250 1.200 1150 1250 1750
DZ16-1500 1.600 1200 1500 2050
DZ20-1500 2.000 1300 1500 2060
DZ25-1500 2.500 1460 1500 2070
DZ30-1500 3.000 1650 1500 2080

Available also in other volumes and dimensions, on demand.


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