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The rotating vertical fermenter is intended for the maceration of wines. The inner agitator is assembled from a system of special flaps, which with their specially designed shape do not harm the grape skin, thus ensuring the proper maceration. The tank is equipped with a system of time regulation (manual or automatic setting of mixing intervals) and a system of temperature regulation.

Red wine mash fermenter
Mash fermenter
Wine fermenter
Fermenter for wine
Red wine mash fermenter
Mash fermenter
Wine fermenter
Fermenter for wine

Basic equipment:

  • top door Ø 300mm
  • rectangular door (mash) with a bolt – vertical opening
  • inlet DN 50 with plastic bung
  • outlet with a ball valve
  • total outlet with a ball valve
  • trial tap
  • digital thermometer
  • cooling coat
  • motor reducer
  • inner agitator with flaps
  • switch box with time regulation of mixing intervals (manual or automatic setting)
  • flat inclined bottom
  • legs closed
  • ladder handle
  • name plate


  • AISI 304 (BA) - W.Nr. 1.4301 (3D)
  • exterior marbled, interior polished (3d)

Additional equipment:

  • oval door on the front
  • rectangular door (mash) with a cogged batten
  • inner sieve
  • level indicator
  • watering device with pump
  • height changeable legs
Article Volume (L) ø (mm) H1 (mm) H (mm)
PRV22-200 2.250 1.230 2.000 2.580
PRV30-200 3.000 1.430 2.000 2.600
PRV40-225 4.000 1.530 2.250 2.880
PRV50-225 5.000 1.700 2.250 2.900
PRV60-250 6.000 1.780 2.500 3.230

Available also in other volumes and dimensions, on demand. 


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